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Blue Sun Group Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company with its head office in Brisbane, R&D department in Germany Munich, specialising in Renewable Energy Products. The photovoltaic modules, solar roof mounting systems and other renewable products are designed in Germany and manufactured by Blue Sun Group factories. Read More...
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Zeversolar (Solar Inverters)

By virtue of the leading technology, Zeversolar has been invited to participate in the formulation of many national standards, the industry standards and an international standard. Zeversolar is also the chief compiler for ”Safety Requirements on PV System Inverters” in China, and the compiler for IEC TC8 PT62786-2 “User Side Power Connectivity to Grid Standards”.

Zeversolar offers all kinds of on-grid photovoltaic inverters from 2KW to 1MW. Meanwhile, Zeversolar distributes monitoring products, such as PMU and Solar Cloud, to satisfy special monitoring requirements. With full range of quality products and a customer focused service system, Zeversolar products have been widely used in dozens of countries and regions all over the world. 

  • Single-Phase String Inverters 1.5kW to 5kW,Solar Inverters,Single-Phase String Inverters 1.5kW to 5kW
  • Three-Phase String Inverters 4kw to 20kW,Solar Inverters,Three-Phase String Inverters 4kw to 20kW
  • BROCHURE OF PROOF-Energy for everybody,Solar Inverters,BROCHURE OF PROOF-Energy for everybody