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Blue Sun Group Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company with its head office in Brisbane, R&D department in Germany Munich, specialising in Renewable Energy Products. The photovoltaic modules, solar roof mounting systems and other renewable products are designed in Germany and manufactured by Blue Sun Group factories. Read More...
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BSG Solar Module

Photovoltaic Solar Modules
A full complement of photovoltaic modules are available for the on grid and off grid market, ranging from 6 Watts to 140 Watts in 12 Volt Monocrystalline Modules, 160 Watt to 250 Watt CEC approved Monocrystalline Modules in 5 Watt increments, 200 Watt to 300 Watt CEC approved Polycrystalline Modules, and Custom Photovoltaic Modules available on demand. The modules can be found on the CEC Currently Approved Modules list under "Blue Sun Group".

The Blue Sun Group photovoltaic modules were developed taking Australian conditions into account and mitigating issues identified with solar modules in Europe. Continuous improvement is achieved by assessing the modules in the factories testing facilities, in the field, and independent feedback. Upgrades are made through consultation with TUV-SUD test laboratories.

Blue Sun Group photovoltaic modules have features such as matched cell selection, concealed cross connections, O-ring resealable junction boxes, replaceable blocking diodes, high grade EVA, anodized frames and 3.2mm toughened glass.

Grid-connect Solar Modules
  • 250W/300W
    Poly Solar Module
  • 200W/250W
    Mono Solar Module
  • 250W
    Mono Solar Module
12V Solar Modules
  • 165W
  • 100W