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Innovative Renewable Energy Systems

Blue Sun Group Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company with its head office in Brisbane, R&D department in Germany Munich, specialising in Renewable Energy Products. The photovoltaic modules, solar roof mounting systems and other renewable products are designed in Germany and manufactured by Blue Sun Group factories.

The automated production capacity of the factory for photovoltaic modules is 138.000 watts per shift which can be increased during peak load periods. The factory has extra capacity in manual production lines, which is currently used for 12 volt and special order panel. The overall production capacity of the factory is 150MW per year. With Australian owned production lines, the quality control measures are operated beyond Australian standards, with 100% traceability from raw materials to the end product. Orders can be produced within as few as four working days and leaving China within 10 days from order.


In early 2010, by request and with the assistance of its dealer base, Blue Sun Group designed and manufactured its first solar roof mounting system. 2012 has seen an improved Blue Sun Group solar roof mounting system with the introduction of new rails that have Easy Slide “U” shaped bolt channel and added reinforced cross bracing for stability.


This year sees the introduction of some new rails designed to suit Blue Sun Group solar modules for caravan, RV and marine applications.Having strong relationships with other manufacturers, Blue Sun Group completes the renewable offer with a wide range of inverter, controllers, solar hot water and LED product.


Blue Sun Group is involved in multiple projects world-wide. Some of the projects are listed below:
* Supply of modules for a roof grid connection solar power generation system of Quanyuan Industrial Park, the largest roof top solar power system in China, total 8.7MW.
* Street light update project in Guangdong Province, last year the factory supplied 8000*100W modules for this project for LED street lights with a total of 40000 panels still to be supplied to this project this year.
* Supply of modules for a 1.2MW Terrestrial Solar Power Generation System in Valencia, Spain.
* Under contract for a 1MW system in Shandong Province with options for addition capacity.


Our staff has a balance of skills in Engineering,
International Business and Management.

A:Engineering skills to identify leading and emerging technologies.

B:International Business skills to be able to handle issues with overseas companies and cultural difference.

C:Management skills that has been successful in the green field business, even after a decade these businesses are still operating. We guarantee our customers will receive full support, while providing the best advice and solutions.

Our Professional Members and Associations

We have a total commitment to our customers.Our company policy is that we offer them quality service and products that they can confidently use or sell to their customers.

Our Professional Members and Associations

Blue Sun Group is affiliated with Master Electricians Australia that is the leading peak body for the electrical and communications industry across Australia.